Safe Holding/Positive Handling

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Safe Holding/Positive Handling training (Initial and Refresher)

Our one day Initial and one day refresher Safe Holding/Positive Handling training is designed to ensure that your staff only use force when necessary and when force is necessary no more force than necessary should be used. It will allow your staff to ensure that the person who is to be restrained is  done so in an safe and dignified way. We do not teach out of date and degrading techniques such as ‘pain and compliance’ on this course as this contravenes article 3 of the Human Rights Act. Also we do not teach your staff, poor or dangerous practices such as taking people to the floor or the ‘basket hold/wrap’. This training is ideal for NHS, schools, care home and residential home staff. The training is in line with Care Quality Commission (CQC) ‘Positive and Proactive Care’. Included in this training is de-escalation techniques and the use of force paper work which is vital to protect your the person who has been restrained, your staff and your organisation. Also our training conforms with the Department of Health and Department for Education ‘Reducing the need for restraint and restrictive intervention’ guidance. Our training will help you ensure that you are compliant with inspections from CQC and Ofsted. The techniques taught are all risk assessed.

Course objectives:

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand that the use of Safe Holding/Positive Handling techniques are a last resort.
  • The importance of de-escalation.
  • Use effective de-escalation techniques.
  • Understand the legislation which allows the use of force against another person.
  • State and understand what is reasonable force.
  • Understand medical and legal considerations whilst someone is in restraints.
  • Perform safe and effective arm holds.
  • Restrain individuals in a sitting and standing position.
  • Search an individual whilst they are restrained.
  • Communicate effectively within the team and with the person under restraint.
  • Relocate the refractory person safely and effectively.
  • Understand and complete ‘Use of force’ paperwork.
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